Child Custody And Support Modification Lawyer

After a divorce or a paternity action, people typically hope to put these family law matters behind them and move forward with their lives. However, life changes happen and there may be a need to revisit the orders issued. Child custody, child support or spousal support arrangements may need to be changed. At Boal Law Firm, PC you will find an attorney in Brian B. Boal who can assist you in making any modifications necessary.

Child Custody Modifications

Colorado Springs custody modification lawyer Brian Boal can help you make changes to child custody arrangements. In order to make changes, there must be evidence of a major change in circumstances for one or both of the parents, or the child. Perhaps one parent has gotten a new job that requires a substantially different work shift. Perhaps one parent has gotten remarried. Perhaps one parent will be moving away. Perhaps the child is just older and his or her needs have changed. Whatever the case may be, Brian Boal will help you obtain new child custody orders that make sense for you and your child.

Child Support And Spousal Support Modifications

In order to make changes to child support or spousal support, one of the parties typically must have been affected by a substantial and continuing change in their economic circumstances. Long-term job loss or a substantial pay cut could merit lower child support payments. On the other hand, a new job and an increase in pay may also increase someone's monthly support obligation. Brian Boal will review your situation and help you ensure that appropriate amount of child support or spousal maintenance is being paid or received.

Start The Modification Process With A Consultation

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